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Grey Fleet Training

Grey Fleet Driver Training

What Is Grey Fleet Training?

The term ‘grey fleet’ refers to vehicles that are used for work-related activities, which are not owned by the employer. This can apply to a range of different vehicles, including, privately owned vehicles, hired vehicles, and vehicles that are purchased through employee car ownership schemes. Grey fleet consists of around 40% of work vehicles in the UK, with 62% of private cars used for work-related purposes. 

By law, your business has an obligation to ensure the health and safety of your employees, and those affected by their work, as far as reasonably possible. This applies regardless of vehicle ownership, meaning that your grey fleet should be managed under your workplace health and safety policy.

Through our driver training courses, we can help you improve and the health and safety of employees who drive for work. This training can help reduce the risk of your employees/drivers being involved in an incident, lower fuel costs, and protect your employees and business. There are many different types of training available to your grey fleet, including defensive driver training, fuel-efficient training, driver risk assessments and classroom-based training.  

What Can Grey Fleet Training Do For My Business?

Our grey fleet driver training courses are designed with a business like yours in mind. Whether your grey fleet includes a couple of vehicles or a full fleet, our driver training can benefit your business in a variety of ways. Research suggests that road traffic incidents alone, cost individual businesses thousands of pounds each year, with 1 in 3 such incidents involving individuals who drive for work. Through our grey fleet driver training courses, you can help to lower these statistics and eliminate avoidable costs to your business. This will help to improve your service by ensuring that your grey fleet stay on the road delivering to happy customers. 

Through our bespoke driver training courses, we can further develop your employees’ driving skills, helping them to become safer drivers. Better drivers, deliver better service without disruption, helping your business flourish

Grey Fleet Training Helps To Reduce Costs

Grey fleet driver training does not simply help create safer drivers. Our training upskills your drivers, which can bring a whole host of other benefits for your business. Through our training, your employees will become more fuel-efficient and will adopt a driving style that puts less strain on their vehicles, meaning that they will require less maintenance. 

All of our grey fleet driver training courses are bespoke and tailored to suit the needs of your business. We will provide training around the availability of your drivers, to ensure that there is minimal disruption to the operation of your business. The training we can provide ranges from basic checks on your driver’s skills and credentials, alongside a risk assessment, to a fully tailored course with presentations and one-to-one driver vehicle training. This training can be delivered across a range of vehicles, including, cars, vans, buses and trucks. 

Grey Fleet Driver Training Can Include

Grey fleet Driver Training - Eyesight Check

Eyesight Check

DDT - Driving Licence Check

Driving Licence Check

D1 Minibus Training - Vehicle Check

Vehicle Safety Check

Grey fleet driver training - classroom

Classroom Training

Defensive Driver Training - Observations

Observation Training

fuel-efficient driver training - Awareness

Awareness and Anticipation

DDT - Spatial Awareness Training

Spatial Awareness Training

fuel-efficient driver training - Speed Awareness Training

Speed Awareness Training

Post Collision Training - Defensive Driver Training

Post Collision Training

Country Road Training - D1 Minibus Training

Country Road Training

Motorway Training

Motorway Training

Grey fleet Training - Urban Driving

Urban Road Training

Grey Fleet Training - Eco Driving

Eco-Driving Techniques

Vehicle Controls Use - Grey fleet

Improved Use Of Controls

Grey fleet training - driver assessment

Driver Assessment

Car and Trailer training - Reversing

Reversing Manoeuvres

Our Professional Driver Trainers

As we cover all vehicle groups and provide both classroom and in vehicle training we have trainers with different specialities who we utilise to provide our range of courses.

What Are The Benefits Of Driver Training?

Grey fleet driver training can be beneficial for your business in a variety of different ways. Through safer and more skilled drivers, you can reduce the risk of incidents occurring, improve employee safety, and help save your business money. Your business may also benefit from:

Training Benefits

Unskilled drivers are a risk to themselves, your business, and other road users. Through our training, your drivers will gain and develop a range of skills which will reduce the likelihood of an incident. This helps  to ensure that your drivers and their vehicles are safe and can continue working with greater efficiency. 

With more skilled drivers, you reduce the risk to your business, with the likelihood of incidents decreasing significantly. This contributes to a range of benefits, from improved employee and business safety, to a reduction in running costs. Fewer incidents mean that your drivers can deliver your services with greater efficiency. 

Our grey fleet driver training courses improve the overall skill level of your drivers. Through upskilling your drivers, they will be able to work more efficiently. This training will also help them develop advanced driving techniques which will help to reduce the risk to your drivers, goods and services.

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Grey Fleet Training FAQs

Our driver training courses are available across the UK and internationally. The training typically takes place in and around the premises of our clients.

Our training is bespoke, and the price of our courses are dependent on a number of factors. However, our clients typically save the cost of the course within a matter of weeks. Please contact us today for a quotation. 

Our skilled trainers have lots of experience in delivering defensive driver training across a range of different vehicles. Whether you operate cars, vans, buses or lorries, we’re happy to help. 

Savings Calculator

Our savings calculator shows your estimated potential fuel savings with our Fuel-Efficient Driver Training Courses. This is only a guide, and there is potential for you to save even more money through lower insurance costs and less vehicle wear. 

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Interested in our grey fleet driver training course? We would love to hear from you. Please take the time to get in touch today, and find out how we can help your business. 

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