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Benefits For Business

Benefits For Business - Driver Training

Corporate and Fleet Driver Training - Benefits For Business

Corporate and fleet driver training can have many benefits for your business. From helping businesses of all sizes save money, to ensuring employee safety and retention, the opportunities are endless. Whether your a small business with only a few vehicles or own a large fleet, our corporate and fleet driver training courses can help you reduce costs and protect your business and employees.

Our training courses are designed to upskill your drivers, encouraging them to adopt better driving techniques. This helps to develop your employee’s awareness and anticipation skills, allowing them to identify potential risks and avoid incidents. By adopting an improved driving style, your drivers limit the chances of being involved in an incident,  reduce vehicle wear and tear, and save money on fuel. Training also helps increase employee satisfaction, allowing you to retain more skilled and valued drivers for longer. 

What Are The Benefits for My Business?

Driver Training Saves Businesses Money

Businesses can save lots of money, and reduce costs, simply by providing drivers with professional driver training. This training encourages employees to adopt a more economically friendly driving technique, saving you money. We provide your drivers with effective training, which encourages them to drive in a style which allows them to anticipate and avoid any potential risks. With 1 in 3 road traffic incidents in the UK involving individuals driving for work, it is clear that training is required for many drivers across the country. To add to this, road traffic incidents cost businesses on average £6000 per year in the UK. Unskilled drivers cost businesses money, which can be better invested elsewhere in your organisation. 

The training that we provide can save you money in a variety of different ways. Road traffic incidents are expensive and can result in both your employees and vehicles being off the road for extended periods of time. This costs you time and money, and it can have a profound impact on the operation of your business.  Our training reduces the risk of incidents occurring, allowing you to deliver a reliable and efficient service to your customers. This can also help to lower your insurance premiums over time. 

In addition to limiting employee and vehicle risk, our training can help you save money in other areas. Through training, we can encourage your drivers to drive more fuel-efficiently. This reduces your emissions and allows your employees to drive further for longer, on less fuel. Businesses spend thousands of pounds on fuel each year, with unskilled drivers using more fuel than is required. Through our training, we can help to reduce your fuel bill by up to 20% per driver. This is before you consider savings on reduced wear and tear and general vehicle maintenance.  

Driver Training Helps To Ensure Employee Health and Safety

As an employer, you are legally obliged to ensure the health and safety of your employees and those affected by their work. Driving is likely to be one of the most high-risk activities that your employees undertake. Whether you have sales teams driving company cars or drivers delivering to your customers, it’s important to ensure that they are safe. Unskilled drivers are not only a risk to themselves and other road users but your business as well. 

Companies can be prosecuted under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act of 2007, amongst many other health and safety laws, in the event of an incident. In the unfortunate event that a business faces legal action following an incident, the company will be required to show that they have provided employees with an assessment and training. Through providing your employees with driver training, you are taking steps to ensure employee safety, and are effectively managing potential risks.

Beyond the legal benefits of driver training, our courses help to protect your investment in employees and vehicles. Through managing potential risks, and upskilling your drivers, your business can gain a range of benefits. Your employees will be able to travel further and more efficiently, allowing you to deliver better service to your customers. With improved efficiency, you will be able to ensure that your vehicles are put under less strain, limiting the time they spend off of the road. The money that you save through training your drivers can then be reinvested elsewhere in your business. Skilled drivers also help to protect your brand and company reputation. Poor driving practices and road traffic incidents can create negative public perception.  

Driver Training Helps To Improve Employee Satisfaction and Retention

By providing your employees with driver training, this shows that you are invested in them and that you care about their health and safety. This can result in your employees being more invested in your company, and increase job satisfaction. Driving jobs are widely known to have poor employee retention. This costs businesses time and money that could be better spent elsewhere. 

Through providing your employees with periodic high-quality professional training, they are more likely to feel valued by their employer. By retaining your skilled employees, your business can benefit across the board. Your drivers will be able to deliver a better more consistent service to your customers, and you will have less staff turnover.

This can be achieved by providing training to upskill your employees driving ability and encouraging a culture of safety. Your drivers are likely to be amongst your employees put at the greatest risk in their role. By ensuring that safety is your business’ top priority, your employees and business will benefit. This safety culture helps to build employee satisfaction and your reputation, allowing you to recruit top targets as your business expands. We can help you build this culture with periodic training and assessments to help you get the most out of our courses.

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Corporate Driver Training FAQs

Our driver training courses are available across the UK and internationally. The training typically takes place in and around the premises of our clients.

Our training is bespoke, and the price of our courses are dependent on a number of factors. However, our clients typically save the cost of the course within a matter of weeks. Please contact us today for a quotation. 

Our skilled trainers have lots of experience in delivering driver training across a range of different vehicles. Whether you operate cars, vans, buses or lorries, we’re happy to help. 

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Our savings calculator shows your estimated potential fuel savings with our Fuel-Efficient Driver Training Courses. This is only a guide, and there is potential for you to save even more money through lower insurance costs and less vehicle wear. 

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